Cloud Nine


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A uniquely flavourful blend of nourishing and uplifting herbs. This tea will soothe away any tension and create an overall sense of well being. Try it cold as a sun tea with a twist of lemon, a sugar-free naturally sweet iced tea.

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We use only the finest quality organic herbs and teas in our hand-blended organic loose-leaf tea blends. Each of our teas helps provide support to mind and body naturally. Enjoy the medicinal benefits of the herbs while delighting the senses.

Organic Ingredients: Calendula*, Lemon Balm*, Spearmint*, Oatstraw*, Stevia*, Hibiscus*, St. Johns Wort*, Lavender Flowers*, Passion Flowers*


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Weight 3.5 oz
Dimensions 6.35 × 10.16 × 14 cm

2 reviews for Cloud Nine

  1. Megan J

    For over 10 years I’ve always had Cloud Nine tea in my cupboard. It’s my absolute favourite and I can’t recommend it highly enough; there’s just nothing else quite like it.

    These hot summer days, I’m enjoying it on ice. It’s also relaxing to drink hot, after a long day at work.

  2. Emilie Langley

    Very tasty and warming. I had the chill and a small headache, the tea helped me feel so much better.

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