Moontime Balance Goddess Blend



A time to reflect inwards and celebrate the power of our bodies. Setting ritual and intention can help move us forward through our cycles. A favourite ritual of ours is sipping on a hot cup of our Moontime Balance tea blend leading up to and during our monthly cycle.

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We use only the finest quality organic herbs and teas in our hand-blended organic loose-leaf tea blends. Each of our teas helps provide support to mind and body naturally. Enjoy the medicinal benefits of the herbs while delighting the senses.

Organic Ingredients:

Chamomile* A soothing anodyne and antispasmodic pain reliever. Helps to balance moontime irregularities.

Rose Hips* Evokes love in both the heart & mind. Antispasmodic and mildly cleansing. Very high in vitamin C.

Fennel Seed* Carminative antispasmodic herb that relieves bloating and cramping. Balances the female reproductive system.

Crampbark* A powerful antispasmodic and uterine tonic that relieves pain and cramping.

Raspberry Leaf* A female nutritive tonic that alleviates cramping and discomfort. Balances moontime.

Oatstraw* Nutritive and soothing to the body and nervous system.

Cinnamon* A soothing carminative that helps alleviate pms symptons. Licorice* A soothing adrenal tonic and hormone regulator.

Nettle* Female nutritive tonic. Rich in vitamins and minerals.

Meadowsweet* Anti-inflammatory pain reliever.

Yarrow (wild harvested) A tonic herb for women. Balances moontime.


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Weight 3.5 oz
Dimensions 6.35 × 7.62 × 11.43 cm


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