Mountain Woman


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Mineral rich and nourishing, this tea is great for men or women. Raspberry leaf has been used for centuries to help with moontime support and during pregnancy as a healthy tonic to help prepare the womb for childbirth*.

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We use only the finest quality organic herbs and teas in our hand-blended organic loose-leaf tea blends. Each of our teas helps provide support to mind and body naturally. Enjoy the medicinal benefits of the herbs while delighting the senses.

Organic Ingredients: Raspberry Leaf, Spearmint, Calendula Petals, Red Clover, Rose Petals, Rose Hips, Ginger *Recommended to use only in third trimester of pregnancy

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Weight 3.5 oz
Dimensions 6.35 × 10.16 × 14 cm

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    I have mountain woman tea blend it is great, it does help my daughter during her time of the month. I wanted to know do you do mail outs, I am now living in Edmonton and don’t get to Jasper as often. Thanks Joan Janeczko

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